My ServiceS


I have a relaxed and friendly nature the helps people feel comfortable around me.


Nothing fake about me just a genuine smile and happy nature.


friendly and fun are in my nature but not to be confused with impeccable professionalism.


I will arrive in time to ensure the ceremony setting is perfect.


With a relaxed and easy celebrant, you will be free to share your day with friends and family.


As your love matures take the opportunity to renew your vows celebrating the growth and strength in your relationship.


Designed for the small wedding, maybe just the two of you and the witnesses, elopements have the advantage they can be held in a remote and intimate location.

(Witnesses can be provided)


A beautiful way to announce your love, and be true to your commitment for each other.


By allowing the mourners to celebrate the life and not the passing helps the healing process to begin.

Licensing & Legal

Completion Of Documents

I will complete and submit the Notice of Intended Marriage (for wedding ceremonies) this must be completed a minimum of 1 month prior to your wedding date.

I will complete & submit the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage (to be filled in as close to the wedding date as possible). Official Marriage Certificate, presented on the day in a commemorative envelope

Now Or Never - Bride and Groom at Outdoor Wedding Altar


Today’s ceremonies are vastly different from those in the past, with so many options to consider.

Rituals are in the very DNA we share as human beings that go back as far as the written word, they help convey a story and give meaning to the event.

Today, you may like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land to start, and finish with a sand ceremony or ribbon ceremony, whatever option is for you it’s your day your way.

The ceremony is a magical journey, and it would be a privilege to play a part of yours.

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